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Heya all, this update is a day late because yesterday I wasn't home pretty much all day. I was too tired to remember what day it is.
Anyway, this is what I made the past month:

8.11. Angelvila Box by Angelvila:) (Smile) 

15.11. Elysia by Angelvila

22.11. Siblings by Angelvila

29.11. Ponies by Angelvila

Click the thumbnails for a better view and don't forget to leave a +fav or a comment, they're most appreciated. :) (Smile) 

As for the announcement, I wanna say I will be on a hiatus from creating anything until further notice. I am currently too stressed out with other things to focus on posting something weekly. It's not a lot that I do on here, but I'm happy I managed this much so far. Hope there will be more in the future.
Requests are still on since they were independent from my weekly posts anyway. Not that I got a lot of requests in any case.
So yea. In case anyone actually follows this journal, that's what I wanted to announce.
I'll see you around! :D (Big Grin) 
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  • Playing: This War of Mine, Heroes of the Storm
  • Drinking: Juice
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