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"How much food we have?"
"Not much. We must complete the quest soon, or else we will starve to death", Xephos answered on Honeydew's question. So typical for dwarves to be thinking about food, Linnéa thought.
"So, what's our objective again?" Honeydew asked.
"To explore the crevice. It isn't that hard to remember, even for you, dwarf", Linn answered a bit too sharp, but she didn't care. She was an elf and he was a dwarf. Their races naturally can't stand each other. The only thing is, dwarves are a bit friendlier than the elves so they don't show their hatred that much.
"Have you found out where could it be, Linnéa?" Xeph asked.
"I haven't seen it quite yet, but I have a good feeling of whereabout it could be. I saw a forest clearing, not that far away from the campside. We could go check it out."
"We could, it isn't that dark yet, so I guess it's alright."
"Well, Xeph, after we get into the underground it doesn't really matter whether it's day or night outside, does it?" Honeydew chuckled and Xephos smiled.
"I guess you're right, friend. Nevertheless, I feel a lot more confident when it's light outside, wherever I am."
"Shouldn't we get going?" Linn didn't want to listen to their conversation.
"Yeah, sure", Xephos got up and Honeydew followed his actions, and soon enough, they were ready for departure into the bowel of the Earth.

"Surely, it's a good thing our camp wasn't that close to the crevice. 'Cause, I don't think our minds could handle being presented with the crevice, right away. We would go insane, unable to cope", Honeydew said while they were following Linnéa. Xephos started laughing.
"Pull yourself together. We're here", Linn said.
"Oh, shit, son!" Honeydew exclaimed as they approached their destination.
Xeph started laughing again, this time much harder and louder.
"Caution! Deep crevice!" the dwarf read the inscription on the sign that stood over the crevice. It was basically a little crack in the Earth, and that's why Xephos was laughing about.
"Is this it?" he managed to say in between two waves of laughs.
"This is the crevice!" Honeydew stated which made his friend laugh even more. "Don't mock it! Don't mock it! This is the crevice! And I'm going in!"
"Careful! You can't just – " Linn didn't have the chance to finish that sentence since the dwarf just dropped into the hole in the ground. He made his way down safely, and Xephos followed him.
"You just dive into every danger straight away, don't you?" Linn sighed.
"This is amazing, it looks awesome!" Honeydew said and Xeph agreed with him.
"What's that over there?" the spaceman asked.
"It looks like clay. Dig it out!" Linn noticed.
"You don't have to say that to me twice!"
"Look, there's a door!" Xeph pointed out as his friend got rid of the clay.
"How do we get through it, though? They're sealed shut."
"By pulling this lever here", Linn said out of nowhere and as she activated the mechanism, the doors opened.
"Ah! Nice work there, Linny", the dwarf said.
"I told you to stop calling me that."
"Once you stop pouting about it, it may get boring to me and I might stop it."
Xeph lead the way through a dark narrow corridor and just as he went around the corner he found himself face to face with a skeleton archer.
"Ah!" he exclaimed in surprise, pulled out his sword and cut him in half. "I think I wet my pants a little bit right then."
He lead on and found another sign. "Warning! Turn back, now", he read.
"Wow. I just turned back and noticed a chest hidden behind this bit of clay", Honeydew said. "And it has a iron sword in it! We're rich!" Linn rolled her eyes and looked behind to see where was Xephos.
This place is full of corridors, she thought as she was passing through another one. This one was leading into a small dark room which was branching into three more corridors and a few rooms. She had no idea where her companion went to, and she went into the first room to her right.
It was empty, apart from the monster spawner. She set it on fire with her magic, but she heard the monster spawned a second before it got destroyed a moment too late.
Luckily, her keen elvish reflexes saved her life. She froze the zombie with a twitch of her hand, not even turning around to face it. At that moment, Honeydew jumped in and hacked the block of ice with the monster in it and it was destroyed in million pieces.
"Oh, I see you didn't need my help here", the dwarf said as the Linn turned around. They found face to face with each other. A thought crossed her mind, about how Honeydew isn't exactly short as the rest of his race. He backed off from her, they felt a bit uncomfortable due to the sudden closeness.
"Xeph?" Honeydew was looking for his friend around, while Linnéa was destroying other monster spawners. A couple of skeletons were in her way, but nothing to pose an actual threat.
Linn found Xephos and Honeydew in a small room which she accessed through one of those corridors. There were four levers, each of them marked with a number.
"What is this?" she asked whispering. Xeph shrugged.
"Some sort of puzzle, but I don't know what we have to do actually."
"Well, we need to pull some levers, isn't it obvious, pal?" Honeydew stated and pulled the closest lever from himself, the one marked with number two. Nothing happened.
"Switch it back off until we figure out how to solve this", Linn said and was a bit surprised when the dwarf actually obeyed her. The group decided to sniff around the place some more in search for some clue. Xephos soon discovered some clay obviously hiding something.
"I'm surprised how we didn't saw this earlier", Linnéa stated as her comrade was digging. He discovered a chest.
"Go take a look, see what's inside", Honeydew said to his friend. He opened it.
"There's three stacks of paper."
"Paper? What good is that for?" the dwarf was disappointed and shook his head. He went to look around some more and Xephos was about to follow him, but he noticed Linn's strange look she was giving to the useless chest.
"What is it?" he asked.
"Three stacks, you say?" she asked back and went to take a look in the chest herself.
"In this stack there's only one paper", she said as she took the paper, threw it on the floor and looked into the chest again. "And this other stack has... Seven papers in it."
"Oh! I see where your going! You think it's the key to those levers?" Xeph asked but he didn't received an answer.
"And two! Yes. So the code is 1, 7, 2."
"Honeydew!" Xeph called. "But there was no lever marked with number seven, wasn't there?"
"Well, exactly across the first room with the levers, there's another one with lever that says seven on it", Honeydew heard him when he came back.
"Do we have to pull them in order?" the spaceman asked.
"I'm not sure, but I would rather do that, just to be careful. There's no telling what could we accidentally activate if we were to do it wrongly", Linn stated.
"Ok, so, Honeydew, you go by the number seven, and Linn and me will be by the one and two. I'll yell to you when to pull", Xeph instructed, and they went to solve the puzzle.
When they got into positions, Xephos asked Linnéa: "You ready?" She nodded. The spaceman pulled his lever and shouted to Honeydew to pull his. He shouted back and Linn instantly pulled the last lever. They stood in silence to determine if anything changed when they heard a iron door open.
"We did it! Hooray!" Honeydew exclaimed, and Xephos laughed. Linn could help but smile a bit as they proceeded through the doors they just unlocked.
The spacemen was first in line, and Linn followed his footsteps. She felt a little bit awkward having a dwarf right behind her. One of her mottos is never to turn your back to an enemy. She knew Honeydew wasn't exactly her enemy, because they're both a part of this group, but still, she felt uncomfortable. She didn't trust him very much, and he could thank that to her parents.
"It's very dark in here", Xephos commented and placed a torch on the wall thus lightening up the place a bit. As they walked through the corridor, Linn heard a suspicious click coming from Xephos, and acted immediately.
"Watch out!" she shoved her comrade on the floor and stood in the way of the arrows that was shot from the dispensers once Xeph stepped on the pressure plate she heard there.
"Linn!" Honeydew exclaimed behind her, but she already rose up a frost shield around her and protected herself from the certain death. She got out of the way from the dispensers as Honeydew carefully got pass the pressure plate.
"Watch out, there's more", the elf said once Xephos got up and turned Honeydew's attention to the floor in front of him. The trio jumped over the trap and went onwards.
"Thanks. I'd be dead if it weren't for you", the spaceman said to Linn and she just smiled lightly. The guys weren't exactly used to her smiling so he nervously smiled back and continued his way.
They entered in a place which looked like some sort of maze.
"Watch out, there are zombies ahead. Can you hear them?" Xephos said, and his companions nodded. Around the first corner, the monster waited for them. There wasn't enough space for two to walk next to each other, so Xephos was the one fighting with his sword, while Linnéa was giving him magical support in form of a shield and healing aura. Honeydew was at the back doing absolutely nothing, so he decided to wander off in a different direction.
Xeph and Linn destroyed several zombies along with a couple of spawners and only then they noticed Honeydew wasn't following them.
"Honeydew?!" his friend called for him and soon enough, he appeared again.
"You idiot!" Linnéa hissed a bit out of anger. "I though you watched my back! Instead you got bored and wandered away, leaving me completely defenseless! Any monster could creept behind me and kill me!"
"Well, you're still alive, and you two didn't look like you needed my help anyway", the dwarf said, and Linn facepalmed and was trying really hard to keep herself together.
"Honeydew, we should really stick together", Xephos stayed, and Linnéa whispered angrily something in her native tongue.
"What was that?" Honeydew sounded somewhat annoyed.
"Did you found out anything?" Xeph tried to change the subject, but his friend shook his head.
They continued and even though they still heard zombies close, they didn't actually encountered another one as they went through the maze. Linnéa was very silent in the back, not smiling anymore and it was making Xephos very uncomfortable. They stumbled upon some stairs that lead to an iron door.
"This must be the end of the maze", Xeph stated with a glimpse of relief in his voice. They found some food in the chest near the doors and Linn examined it.
"It doesn't seem bad, but I can't help being a bit suspicious."
"That's something new", Honeydew mumbled sarcastically and the elf ignored it.
In the end they left the food in the chest and entered a rather large room. For a minute it seemed abandoned, but then monsters started spawning. Zombies, skeletons and spiders were all over the place. Honeydew wasn't particularly happy with massive spiders trying to kill him.
Linnéa discovered that the most useful way of killing zombies is to freeze them solid and then break them into pieces. That last bit she leaves to one of the guys since she didn't actually have a weapon of some sort. So Xephos slashed all over the room with his sword, Honeydew charged at everything with his axe and Linn was supporting them by freezing and healing magic. The trio emptied the room very fast.
They saw quite few doors around them. There were monster spawners in every single one of them, so they had to fight off some more monsters. They split up, 'cause there wasn't actually a real threat since the rooms were small and there were two, maybe three monsters in each room. Also, they were in spitting distance from each other so they weren't actually that much apart.
Linnéa continuously used her frost magic, as it was proven the most useful. Xephos used a bow which Linn recognized as Lomadia's, and shot the skeletons through the holes in the doors.
"What a wuss", commented Honeydew and went straight on, in his usual dwarven style with his axe in his hand, to annihilate the monsters.
Every room they cleared out, they searched for clues where to go next, because there wasn't really a obvious way out of here. They found a number of chests containing food and additional equipment. They left the food by Linn's advice. Xephos replaced his broken sword and Honeydew found himself a pair of iron leggings. Linn went on without carrying any gear, but she was used that way. She had her magic, and that was all she needed.
Finally, Honeydew found a hidden passageway behind a painting. Linn and Xeph followed him through the route he found. Once again, the trio traveling through a dark narrow corridor. Only this time, it seemed to them they're going up.
"There's some more clay! And I can feel the fresh air!" Honeydew suddenly exclaimed.
"Can it be?" Linnéa whispered. Xephos rushed passed her ignoring the fact he had to squeeze between her and the wall to help his friend in digging.
"We're on the surface!" Xeph cried out. Linn smiled wildly and felt giant relief. They got out but still didn't see much around them because it was night time. Honeydew felt his friend started shaking next to him.
"Let's go to the tents and get some sleep. We'll be safe there", Linn suggested and the guys agreed. She was leading the way with Honeydew following her behind.
She relaxed a bit too much and too early.
A spider jumped onto her out of nowhere. It knocked her out of her feet and pinned her to the ground. Xephos shouted in surprise and horror. Honeydew acted quickly.
He grabbed his axe and charged into the creature. With one swing of his weapon, the dwarf threw the spider away from Linn and he landed his weapon in the creature's skull. Linn stared in shock at Honeydew from the floor. He got back to her and offered her a hand to get up. Xephos was watching the entire scene from a distance. He was freaking out inside because of the dark.
Linnéa took the hand and got up.
"Thank you, Honeydew", she smiled and the dwarf realized that he likes the way she pronounces his name with her elvish accent.
"Well, I wouldn't like it if one of my pals gets killed", he smiled back to her, then turned to Xephos.
"Will you stand there all night, or are you coming with us to the tents?"
Here's a story I wrote a couple of weeks ago. It features Honeydew and Xephos (Simon and Lewis) from the Yogscast and my OC Linnéa. I used the story from this vid: [link] Modified a little to make it interesting to read. :)
Hope you like it! Comments and favs are most appreciated!

Linnéa belongs to me.
Honeydew :iconhoneydewplz: by Simon Lane of the Yogscast.
Xephos :iconxephosplz: by Lewis Brindley of the Yogscast.
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D'awww! I luv it, too! It looks like you put lots of time into it ^-^
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Aww, I'm glad! Thanks! :)
It didn't take me too long to write it, the most annoying part was that I had to pause and start the video sooo many times to get the plot right xD
SkylordLoLz Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe, LoL :3
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Actually, I can agree with you, but that's what I was going for :P An high elf who looks down at mortals. But she gets better over time, when she spends some more time with Honeydew and Xephos, although, that's another story.. :D
megadoodle2001 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
XD Omg I get the weirdest feeling u like honeydew... o.o
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Well, I don't know, it's just that you said you had the "weirdest feeling" I like Honeydew, and I kinda understood it as I'm weird if I like him...
Sorry for not undestanding you, but how can a person even know what the other is thinking? ;)
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