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A new beginning - Part 6
Every minute I looked at the clock, the time wouldn't pass.
When the bell rang I walked out of the class in a second.
I waited for Anthony and Ian to pick me up in front of the school so I sat down on the stairs.
"Hey!" I heard Mitchell's voice behind me, I turned around and asked him to sit next to me.
"Are you excited?" I asked.
"Fuck yeah!" He said with a big smile, brushing his hair out of his eyes.
"There you are." Ian walked past us and stood in front of us.
We both stood up and followed Ian to the car, I never thought I would sit in his car.
"Where's Anthony?" I asked.
"Grabbing some stuff." Ian replied, he turned to look at Mitchell and me. His smile was just the best.
The door opened and Anthony got in the car. "Hurry! I'm hungry." Anthony said with a baby voice.
Anthony grabbed the camera out of his bagpack and started filming.
"Hello and welcome to another lunchtime with smosh."
"Hey Ian?"
"Yes, Anthony?"
"Who are those kids in your car?"
Mitchell and I both smiled.
"Those a
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A new beginning - Part 5.
For some reason I could be myself around these guys, it felt weird but still good.
Mitchell seemed alright too, he was at least nice to me.
When lunch was over and I had drama again I sat down on the chair, waiting for everyone to walk in.
I couldn't stop looking at Ian, he looked so cute in his smosh shirt. Every time he looked back at me he smiled and looked away again.
I had butterflies in my stomach, but it was probably just because I'm nervous.
"Soooo.." Anthony started.
"We decided to do something else today, and we'll practice with the group twice a week, the rest of the week we will do something else."
I was happy I didn't have to be in one room with all those girls again.
"Who wants to be the sleeping beauty?" Ian asked.
Chelsea raised her hand and waved like a moron.
"This is more like a game, we'll do it in groups of 2 or maybe 4. We'll see."
Anthony moved some chairs so Ian and  Chelsea had more space.
"Okay so Anthony is going to say 1 or more parts of the body a
:iconvaderisafriendofmine:vaderisafriendofmine 2 0
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A new beginning - Part 4.
So I explained everything to my mum in like 5 minutes, I was freaking out and she said it was all nice and stuff, she didn't really get it.
I didn't really bother telling anyone after that, nobody knows that I'm a fan of smosh.
I couldn't help but think about what will happen next, will they leave after a week or will we talk after this?
I was on my bed, my laptop was on my lap. I couldn't be bothered doing anything, I tried to move my arms but I was just too tired.
I like staying up late, but when I woke up I knew it was the worst decision.
The next day I woke up looking forward to the rest of the day.
I don't think I've ever liked school this much.
I logged onto Skype and talked for like an hour with Tessa, I put on some clothes, not bothering too much if I looked nice. I changed like 3 times which was driving me crazy, I never cared about how I looked and now I do.
''Shawna!'' My mum yelled from downstairs.
''I'm coming, you don't have to shout.'' I said knowing she wouldn't hear it
:iconvaderisafriendofmine:vaderisafriendofmine 2 2
Heya all, this update is a day late because yesterday I wasn't home pretty much all day. I was too tired to remember what day it is.
Anyway, this is what I made the past month:

8.11. Angelvila Box by Angelvila:) (Smile) 

15.11. Elysia by Angelvila

22.11. Siblings by Angelvila

29.11. Ponies by Angelvila

Click the thumbnails for a better view and don't forget to leave a +fav or a comment, they're most appreciated. :) (Smile) 

As for the announcement, I wanna say I will be on a hiatus from creating anything until further notice. I am currently too stressed out with other things to focus on posting something weekly. It's not a lot that I do on here, but I'm happy I managed this much so far. Hope there will be more in the future.
Requests are still on since they were independent from my weekly posts anyway. Not that I got a lot of requests in any case.
So yea. In case anyone actually follows this journal, that's what I wanted to announce.
I'll see you around! :D (Big Grin) 
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Hello there, and thanks for checking out my profile! I'm Angel, nice to meet you!
I like try lots of things so I have many different stuff in my gallery!

Go ahead and check out my gallery, I'm sure you'll find something that you'll like. :D Or at least I hope so.

If you wanna follow me on Twitter by any chance thanks for doing so!
Bye! :)


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